26 Sep, 2023
7 mins read

Crypto Boom Erfahrungen: Trading mit Krypto leicht gemacht!

Crypto Boom Erfahrungen und Test – Trading mit Krypto Account eröffnen Einleitung Kryptowährungen haben in den letzten Jahren stark an Bedeutung gewonnen und sind auch für Anleger immer interessanter geworden. Eine der Plattformen, die den Handel mit Kryptowährungen ermöglicht, ist Crypto Boom. In diesem Blog-Post werden wir die Funktionsweise von Crypto Boom erläutern, unsere Erfahrungen […]

2 mins read

Congressman Tom Emmer Challenges SEC Chairman’s Anti-Crypto Stance

• Congressman Tom Emmer has accused the SEC Chairman Gary Gensler of regulating the crypto sector in bad faith. • Emmer believes that Gensler shares anti-crypto beliefs with billionaire Warren Buffet and is cracking down on the cryptocurrency industry while ignoring real bad players. • Emmer also mentioned Gensler’s open-door policy regarding dealing with crypto […]

2 mins read

Binance US Suspends Trading Amid CFTC Investigation: What You Need to Know

• Binance US, a US-based subsidiary of the cryptocurrency exchange, has temporarily suspended trading for stablecoin pairs involving BUSD due to an ongoing investigation by the CFTC. • The suspension includes crypto deposits and withdrawals, buying, selling, and converting crypto options. • The CFTC filed a lawsuit against Binance and its CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao […]

2 mins read

Treasury Report Reveals Potential Benefits and Risks of CBDCs

• The United States Treasury recently released a study that showed the potential benefits and drawbacks of introducing central bank digital currency (CBDC). • Lawmakers have expressed concern over the potential impact of introducing CBDCs on privacy protection and the banking sector. • According to the research, CBDCs could potentially reduce asset price volatility and […]

1 min read

Australian Crypto Laws: Regulatory Clarity Could Take Until 2024

• Australian authorities are looking to release clear legislation for cryptocurrencies. • The government aims to roll out consultation papers in the second quarter of 2023 and hold roundtable meetings in the third quarter of 2023. • Decisions regarding Australian crypto legislations could take time, extending beyond 2024. Australian Crypto Legislation Could Extend Beyond 2024 […]